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it was expected after all. you go through the awakening ritual adn afterward you are changed. you get told something that you never wanted to know about yourself or something that you have known forever but never wanted to admit to yourself. then you are given a path to folwo that will make use of that inherent skill that you have been graced with as yours and yours alone. Well, i walked into the cavern expecting the unexpected. i found a room well lit by torches with tunnels going in different directions. the light wavered interesting patterns on the walls that were covered with a type of language that seemed both familiar and alien at the same time. i was told that reading the walls was my only way to my destiny, and that there were many ways to read these walls. i considered my options and decided to start out by feeling the symbols on the walls. i felt the eastern tunnel had the most interesting symbols written on them, they were balanced in being good and evil, and it was teh only cavern that did not smell of fresh air. i didnt' want out of the tunnels i wanted to understand myself, and didn't care how far down i had to go.
i lifted a torch and then started walking down the tunnel i smelled wax and looked down to see a trail on either side of the tunnel, i touched the torch to it and my path came to life in front of me. i followed the fire to an underground resouvior of water, the stalogmites on the ceiling glittered in the light of the fire. there was even a place for my torch. i walked towards the water and saw the bed of the lake lined with emerald gemstones. i walked around the riverbed and considered my options once again. there was nothing here save for a trail of fire leading back from whence i came, and a large amount of gemstones, also a tattered bag of cloth on the ground.... wait... there was also a globe of glass that was hollow at the bottom and a dark part in the water that seemed large enough for an opening.
i took globe of water and found that i could fit myself from the waist up inside it, and there were hand grips inside the globe, making lifting and walking with it a much easier matter then i previsouly thought. i waded into the water and started walking towards the darkness there were small brightly colored gems alongside the walls reflecting the waters light, i followed the lights through darkness and over time my breathing became shallow... i was prepared and started holding my breath while i walked. i saw an ocean of mystery around me and a lone light coming from the surface above me. i also felt the water pulling me towards a darkness that i couldn't see... i took a large breath, and jumped with all my strength up towards the light cupping my hands and mimicking the frogs i had seen in the ponds as a child.
i reached the light and took a deep breath. i then swam over to the ridge where there was a set of clothes waiting for me. robes of simple cloth with strands of silver woven through the seams. I dawned them and used my hip side dagger to alter them so i could move freely. I then looked around for any other signs of life. i saw two tunnels and torches bordering both. one had flames coming towards me and the other had flames going inward. the ventalation system of the caves must be making sure there is fresh air in all parts of the cave. so i went deeper into the tunnels to find myself.
this tunnel was fileld with paintings that seemed similiar to that of the delta to this adventure. i folowed it to its end and walked past a portion covered in smooth silver and gold pieces. i found at the end two roads one dirt and the other slippery with a sword at the side of the wall, and nothing at the side of the other. i picked up the sword and took the dirt path, after afew hours i found a doorway that had a sword shaped crevice in it. i put the sword into the doorway and it slid open, making the sword disappear with it. i walked through to find the town shaman with two hot bowls of soup.
i asked if it would be alright to have one, and he handed it over generisouly. i asked him why he was waiting here and he said that he was waiting for me. i then asked if he would accompany me on my journey, adn he asked why he would do that?, and i said because journeys are singular in the universe as things that we all must do in our own time and ways, yet they also mean more through the comraderie of sharing the experience with someone else. he smiled and said that was the best answer he had heard in a long time.
we talked about his adventure, and he told me how he had gone through many an obstacle to get here, but it had ended when he saw his predecessor. i said that i have learned alot so far, but there is more and it is above us. he asked what i meant and i said that there is fresh air everywhere is this room but there is a heavy scent of spice above us and that is where the next step would be. he looked puzzels as i climbed the roof and found that the air coming through to the room was actually from another wall between this room and the outside cave. i disappeared between the walls to his eyes...
what i found was a creaky old raft and a riverthat could go into two directions. i chose the one the river was flowing in. the raft went fast and i shot like an arrow through the cave, eventually finding an opening to the valley and a waterfall that i seemed to glide down very slowly. hah, the branches were breaking my fall, and since there were so many they were cradling the raft and lowering it to the ground. i found a circle of limestones and i stood in the circle of them.
there was a full moon and i noticed the silver threads of my clothing responding to the light. and i noticed that one stone above all teh others was also glinting the light. i walked up to the stone and touched it. the high priestess of the village walked from behind a tree. and told me that my quest was over and just beginning. i was the first person to get all the way to teh end of the quest without a sword, gemstones, or the clothes on my back i had started with. i had left everything behind to pursue my destiny. even going past the wisest of us all, and amking him appear to be the student.
i was meant to make people think and there was nothing left for me in the town. i was shocked because i always had known that i strained the minds and hearts of others. making them think abd feel things that they didn't even want to believe existed. and i hated being alone. this apth would both isolate me and damn me to inflicting hurt on everyone i ever came into contact with. i implored the priestess to let me be a blacksmith and slowly distribute my medicine to the world so that i could have some semblence of a life.
she refused and said i would only be ahppy for a short time, then i would become restless again and seek something new. the same way as i kept seeking until i had found her. so i looked again at the stone i was touching and saw my reflection not behaving like one. it was moving on its own and my hand was making riples in the image. as the priestess continued to speak abotu me leaving. i said that i agreed. adn i walked forward into the stone expecting to break my nose in the process, but instead i walked into a forest and the sky was blue and the sun shone brightly.
i felt different. i walked towards the water and noticed that my appearance had changed as had the world around me it seemed more alive and i felt conencted to this land in a way the land before had never felt. i moved with quick speed and found a group of others. people who wore similiar clothers and welcomed me with open arms. we talked of our previous lives and then we practiced new forms of language and art. i learned that i ahd always been different than the others and i was merely going between worlds to learn from the most advanced civilization on the world.
these people were gods among men.
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